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Do you need to get away for a nice weekend off? Kick your feet back and relax in luxury. Take it easy and enjoy the view.

You could win a two day stay at one of Australia’s finest hotels!

Take the simple qualifying quiz and get started. Answer how you normally book holidays whether through an agent, online, or directly through the airline. Pick when and where you’d like to go next.

Enter with your name, age and email and you’ll be put in the running. That’s 2 nights booked for 2 people at a normal price of $699.

Entry closes December 15, 2017 so don’t miss out.



Spin and win! Do you like to try your luck out every once in a while? Sometimes its nice to be able to win from the comfort of home.

Play at Casino Las Vegas and get 50 free spins! You get to keep 100% of your welcome bonus!

First, register and activate your account. Choose a deposit method and make your first deposit.  Claim your welcome bonus and you 50 free spins and start playing.

Choose your game and get started. Slots, scratch cards, roulette, blackjack, arcade games, Casino Hold ’em, craps and more are all available at Casino Las Vegas.

Play online. Win money. Just like that.


Choose My OzMoney and get the loan you need in just minutes!

Whether you need a small, medium or personal loan, My OzMoney has got your back. Choose the loan that suits you and apply online in under 5 minutes. Once you’ve been approved the money will be transferred directly into your account.

My OzMoney is all about making it easier on you. The loans are flexible and can be repaid over 2 months to 3 years with a monthly payment plan. There are no hidden fees or charges, so no surprises.

Get the money you need now in under 5 minutes with My OzMoney.


Dental health is so important, and that goes for your pets too! That’s why VitaPet has created the Dental+ Chew Sticks to assist with your dog’s daily tooth care.

These treat are specially shaped to help reduce tarter build up in those hard to reach areas of a dogs mouth. They are full of healthy ingredients and have a mint core better breath.

These treats are available in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Now, you can have your furry friend try a free sample for themselves! Just fill in the form and your Dental+ should be on it’s way to your front door!


Celebrate your birthday with free pancakes!

You can get a free sweet pancake from the Pancake Parlour just for being born!

The Pancake Parlour is a classic establishment in Australia that is known for their tasty breakfast items such as, Chocolate chip, Tiramisu, Alice in Wonderland, Blueberry, Jamaican Banana, Salted Carmel Crunch, etc.

Sign up with the Pancake Parlour with your name, birthday and email. Select your nearest restaurant to get your free coupon! This offer is for dinning in only and isn’t to be used with other coupons or discounts.

Check it out today and celebrate your birthday in sweet pancake style!


Wheatgrass is known to have healing and regenerative properties. It’s been used in cases of strokes, wounds, sports injuries, skin conditions, ear aches, Chrones disease, etc. From a common cold, to severe diseases and injuries, wheatgrass covers a broad spectrum.

Since 2002, Dr. Chris Reynold’s has been rediscovering the healing power of wheatgrass and is making it accessible to everyday people through Dr. Wheatgrass products. 

And right now, you can get two free samples. Fill in your contact information and you’ll be sent the Superbalm and Skin Recovery Cream sachets for free! This offer is only good until March 31, 2017 or until supplies run out so don’t wait!


Do your kids love Legos? Have them enter an original concept design for Lego Friends and win a week long trip to Denmark! That’s a trip with the family where they can explore the Lego headquarters and turn their concept into a real design. They can even have a mini doll made in their likeness!

Build a social place model using real life Lego bricks, and figure or Lego digital design software. Submit a picture for all four sides and a brief description. You can base your concept off of a generic concept but add details to make it unique.

This is a contest for kids age 6-12 throughout the world. Register for a free LegoID and get going!

Entry ends February 28th at 4:00PM CEST so make sure you don’t miss it!


Do your kids read books like they’re going out of style? It can be hard to keep up with them when books are expensive and you can’t make a trip to the library everyday.

Or maybe you’d like your kids to read more but they have a hard time getting into it?

Children’s Books Forever is the perfect solution. This is a collection of books that have become classics over the years available through your computer. You don’t need any apps or extra services. With Adobe Acrobat these books are available straight through the website with beautifully colored illustrations and easy to read, entertaining stories.

And, they are available in 12 languages. Perfect for beginners.

Check it out today!


How would you like to expand your horizons and take up a new hobby or skill? Maybe it’s something you’re always wanted to do but never had the time or money to really focus on.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Skillshare! Take classes taught by expert instructors from the comfort of your home. And you don’t have to shell out a fortune to do it!

Skillshare is designed as a give and take system. People with knowledge in specific areas create classes for people like you. Choose from photography, marketing, design, business, computer science, writing, crafts, culinary, etc.

If Skillshare is something you like, you can continue with the classes for a minimal amount when the trial is over.




Test and keep Edita Piaff Accessories from Toluna!

Register or log in with your Toluna account. Go to Test Products under the Community tab and select the Edita Piaff Accessories to apply.

If you are selected you’ll get an email confirmation and receive your products in a few weeks!

You could be one of 995 people selected to test the products, review and keep them. This offer is only available until February 27th so sign up now!

Come back to Toluna weekly to check out their new products and opportunities to test for yourself.

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