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Dental health is so important, and that goes for your pets too! That’s why VitaPet has created the Dental+ Chew Sticks to assist with your dog’s daily tooth care.

These treat are specially shaped to help reduce tarter build up in those hard to reach areas of a dogs mouth. They are full of healthy ingredients and have a mint core better breath.

These treats are available in three sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Now, you can have your furry friend try a free sample for themselves! Just fill in the form and your Dental+ should be on it’s way to your front door!


Wheatgrass is known to have healing and regenerative properties. It’s been used in cases of strokes, wounds, sports injuries, skin conditions, ear aches, Chrones disease, etc. From a common cold, to severe diseases and injuries, wheatgrass covers a broad spectrum.

Since 2002, Dr. Chris Reynold’s has been rediscovering the healing power of wheatgrass and is making it accessible to everyday people through Dr. Wheatgrass products. 

And right now, you can get two free samples. Fill in your contact information and you’ll be sent the Superbalm and Skin Recovery Cream sachets for free! This offer is only good until March 31, 2017 or until supplies run out so don’t wait!


Do your kids read books like they’re going out of style? It can be hard to keep up with them when books are expensive and you can’t make a trip to the library everyday.

Or maybe you’d like your kids to read more but they have a hard time getting into it?

Children’s Books Forever is the perfect solution. This is a collection of books that have become classics over the years available through your computer. You don’t need any apps or extra services. With Adobe Acrobat these books are available straight through the website with beautifully colored illustrations and easy to read, entertaining stories.

And, they are available in 12 languages. Perfect for beginners.

Check it out today!


Test and keep Edita Piaff Accessories from Toluna!

Register or log in with your Toluna account. Go to Test Products under the Community tab and select the Edita Piaff Accessories to apply.

If you are selected you’ll get an email confirmation and receive your products in a few weeks!

You could be one of 995 people selected to test the products, review and keep them. This offer is only available until February 27th so sign up now!

Come back to Toluna weekly to check out their new products and opportunities to test for yourself.


Giving your pet the best is obviously something we all want, but picking through all the junk to find the best is not always so easy. That’s why Ivory Coat has created a naturally healthy pet food for dogs and cats.

Ivory Coat is Australian made and owned pet food. This food is hypoallergenic and grain free to make it accessible to all kinds of pets. These gourmet meats are combined to fit your furry friend nutritional needs.

Try a sample for yourself if you’re still not sure. Just pick whether you’d like a sample for a dog or cat and under or over a year. Fill in the address you’d like your sample sent to and your on your way!


If you’re a tea drinker, this is the deal for you! Vitatea & Co. is a company that produces healthy tea for healthy living.

They offer a variety of teas for every occasion with names like Revitalize Me Ginger, Immortal Infusion, Supplement Delight, Oolong Body Shaper and Detox Machine.

Vitatea won’t take shortcuts when it comes to getting you on track with your health and living life to the fullest. Their tea is 100% natural with countless benefits.

Try a free sample when you subscribe to their mailing list. That also gives you access to future discounts, news and special offers.

Check out Vitatea today!


Have you ever had an opinion or a value you held and wanted to share with the world? How about animal safety?

If you want to speak up for all animals without ever having to open your mouth, check out these fun stickers! These catchy and though provoking stickers are completely free!

Use them to stick on any surface you think stickers belong on and make a statement about protecting our furry friends.

Include your info for sending the stickers and vote on your favorite to get all 12 sent to you.

This offer is limited to 50 people each month so hurry to get your form filled out!


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so making it something that energizes and wakes you up for a new day is even more important!

Carman’s serves a products that’s health conscious and delicious; the prefect combo. Their muesli combinations and just the thing to start you off of the right foot.

Now, you can sign up to be a part of Carman’s Family and get access to exclusive offers and free goodies.  Wouldn’t you like to have a little extra packet of yummy goodness in your pocket?

Check out their page for some great ideas on breakfast combinations and kick off your morning, the right way.


What’s better than a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning? How about one that brews in seconds without being harmful to the environment?

In this era of everything fast and disposable, we sometimes do more damage to the environment than intended. But others are finding ways to combine the two worlds of efficiency and eco-friendlyness.

Black Mamba is one of those companies. They are launching a coffee pod that is biodegradable, which means it doesn’t have a lasting negative impact on the environment.

They are offering to send you a free sample to try for yourself. Just fill in your shipping details.

On top that, you’ll also automatically get in the running to win a years supply of coffee pods.


Chapped and sore lips are no joke, but often medicated lip balms don’t make you feel all that glamorous.

But with Baby Lips Dr. Rescue, all that has changed. Now, you can sooth your sore lips and have them looking refreshed in just 60 seconds with this tinted balm.

Moisture is sealed in for a full 12 hours although with the feel of icy menthol and eucalyptus, we’re sure you’ll want to reapply.

In one minute your lips will feel soothed, in one day they will look smoother and in one week they will be renewed!

Now you can get a Baby Lips Dr. Rescue to try for yourself from Toluna. Just register or sign in by February 20, 2017. You could be one of 450 people selected to test and keep one for yourself.

Check it out today!

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