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They say that Fiji is ‘living on island time.’ If you need a holiday away from it all, this is the place to go.

From the underwater sights and the perfect beaches to the native villages, culture and festivals; you’ll feel like you’ve stepped through to another world.

If water sports and scuba diving seem right up your ally, Fiji offers the best.

Now, you could win a holiday to Fiji worth $5,000! That’s flights, hotels, eating arrangements, trips, and quite a few extras!

Entry closes December 31, 2017, but why wait for an opportunity like this one?

Just answer a few quick survey questions, fill in your details and you could be on your way to the chance of a lifetime!



Giving your pet the best is obviously something we all want, but picking through all the junk to find the best is not always so easy. That’s why Ivory Coat has created a naturally healthy pet food for dogs and cats.

Ivory Coat is Australian made and owned pet food. This food is hypoallergenic and grain free to make it accessible to all kinds of pets. These gourmet meats are combined to fit your furry friend nutritional needs.

Try a sample for yourself if you’re still not sure. Just pick whether you’d like a sample for a dog or cat and under or over a year. Fill in the address you’d like your sample sent to and your on your way!


The iPhone is the symbol of this era that we live in. It’s everything you need wrapped in a pretty case.

The iPhone 7 takes it just one step further to tweak and perfect the design just a step further.

The new camera features not one but two lenses that work together to suit every photo taking need. The display is the brightest and most colorful to date. The chip is said to most the powerful at 2 times faster than the iPhone6 and with the longest battery life ever. The speakers are positioned at either end of the phone giving it stereo sound. And with AirPods, headphones will never be the same again.

Stand a chance to win either the iPhone7 or the Iphone7 Plus when you enter.

Just fill in your details and get in the running. This contest closes December 15th.


Rome. Just the sound of the word brings to mind culture, history, enchantment, adventure, etc. Everything that a holiday should include.

From the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican and Trevi Fountain, to the churches, the museums, and the Forum. Rome is the be all, end all destination of a life time and you could be on your way when you enter this contest from Offers Now!

Get $5,000 toward a vacation in Rome. That includes airfare, hotels, food, entertainment, and other incidentals.

Start the process with just a few contact details. Entry closes June 30th so make sure you don’t miss out and enter today! The winner will be announced July 12th.

You could be your way to your own taste of Italia!


Flying these days is not cheap! But there are ways to make your costs significantly lower if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re a regular flyer, being a part of a frequent flyer program is a great way to track your miles and use them for your benefit. You gain points for every mile you fly and can turn them around for money off future flights.

If you’ve never signed up before, it can seem confusing and the extra cost of membership can seem like a bother your not sure it’s worth in the end.

Now, Qantas is giving you a complementary membership. That means they are waving the usual $89.50 membership fee until the end of the year and giving you all the benefits of a real member.

Start collecting your miles today with Qantas!


If you’re a tea drinker, this is the deal for you! Vitatea & Co. is a company that produces healthy tea for healthy living.

They offer a variety of teas for every occasion with names like Revitalize Me Ginger, Immortal Infusion, Supplement Delight, Oolong Body Shaper and Detox Machine.

Vitatea won’t take shortcuts when it comes to getting you on track with your health and living life to the fullest. Their tea is 100% natural with countless benefits.

Try a free sample when you subscribe to their mailing list. That also gives you access to future discounts, news and special offers.

Check out Vitatea today!


Have you ever had an opinion or a value you held and wanted to share with the world? How about animal safety?

If you want to speak up for all animals without ever having to open your mouth, check out these fun stickers! These catchy and though provoking stickers are completely free!

Use them to stick on any surface you think stickers belong on and make a statement about protecting our furry friends.

Include your info for sending the stickers and vote on your favorite to get all 12 sent to you.

This offer is limited to 50 people each month so hurry to get your form filled out!


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so making it something that energizes and wakes you up for a new day is even more important!

Carman’s serves a products that’s health conscious and delicious; the prefect combo. Their muesli combinations and just the thing to start you off of the right foot.

Now, you can sign up to be a part of Carman’s Family and get access to exclusive offers and free goodies.  Wouldn’t you like to have a little extra packet of yummy goodness in your pocket?

Check out their page for some great ideas on breakfast combinations and kick off your morning, the right way.


Win a selection of the years voted best beauty products worth $1,000!

Sign up for free to become a member at Beautyheaven where you’ll get the chance to participate in exclusive trials, earn points to trade for free prizes and get the latest beaut tips sent to you directly.

Then, you can participate in the Glosscars awards, selecting your newest favorites from a bunch of beauty categories.

To get in the running to win one of the 10 prize packs, you only have to answer the final survey question in one category with 25 words or less.

This competition ends March 6, 2107 so don’t miss out!


What’s better than a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning? How about one that brews in seconds without being harmful to the environment?

In this era of everything fast and disposable, we sometimes do more damage to the environment than intended. But others are finding ways to combine the two worlds of efficiency and eco-friendlyness.

Black Mamba is one of those companies. They are launching a coffee pod that is biodegradable, which means it doesn’t have a lasting negative impact on the environment.

They are offering to send you a free sample to try for yourself. Just fill in your shipping details.

On top that, you’ll also automatically get in the running to win a years supply of coffee pods.

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