Thinking of taking up gardening as a hobby? Want to have a go at growing your own food? Unfortunately, many are discouraged from doing so due to lacking the equipment they need. That’s why certain websites and organisations exist to provide you with FREE seeds for your garden.


Seed Libraries

The Seed Libraries website features free resources to help one start their own seed library, allows one to connect with others who have started libraries, and offers resources and insight into how to maintain a library once started. 

But what is a seed library? Well, a seed library is a place where community members can get seeds for free or for a nominal fee, and is run for public benefit. Many seed libraries are open in public libraries and community centres. For some communities, getting folks to garden and grow some of their own food is the main focus. For other communities, seed libraries may be created as an important step to develop a network of seed savers, to create locally adopted varieties, to respond proactively to climate change or loss of gene integrity due to GMOs or to preserve genetic diversity. Seed saving is something humans have done for over 10,000 years. Join in on the ritual and start to save seeds and share the abundance with your community.


Free Flower Bulbs

The Free Flower Bulbs website was made possible by a team of professional cultivators and marketers from Nepal. They want to transform the world into a beautiful garden as well as to stop global warming. The service is totally free including shipping and handling costs; one would just need to choose whichever flower bulb they desire. Delivery time ranges from one week to three months depending on your location and the bulbs’ availability. There is no limit to how many types of flower bulbs one can order. Please also consider donating to this organisation so that they can continue to offer their services to customers all around the globe.