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You know Mentos as the original ‘fresh makers.’ Now they are covering the spectrum of flavor possibilities with their Rainbow candy.

Check out the mix of watermelon, cherry, orange, raspberry, grape, pineapple and strawberry.

Test it for free from Toluna. Just register with your details and select Mentos Rainbow as the product you’d like test.

If you are one of the 350 people selected, it will be sent to your door. Try it for free and just send your review back to Toluna in return.

This offer is only available until May 8th so don’t miss out! Check back weekly for other opportunities to test new products.



Get your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean with Persil laundry detergent!

Whether you use, powder, liquid, or tabs, Persil beats the competition hands down.

Try it for yourself when you sign up to be a tester with TestLabs Australia. Answer the survey to begin and fill in your details to be considered as a tester.

If you are chosen, you will receive $150 worth of Persil products to try own your own laundry. That’s over 200 loads of laundry.

Countless testers have been more than satisfied with their tested results and you could be too!

Become a Persil tester today.


If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel you know the pain is real. This syndrome affecting the hands and wrists can affect your day to day living. If you’d like some relief, why not try CarpalAid?

This is a patch worn on the palm of your hand that reduces pressure on the median nerve.

Made for all hand size, CarpalAid has got you covered.

Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Try a CarpalAid sample for free! Just fill in your details, answer a few questions and give a short explanation of why you are interest in CarpalAid.



For anyone that wants to relax after a hard day, LUSH is there for you. Their bath products are the stuff of dreams! Bath bombs turn your tub from boring to a colorful, fizzy, scented adventure!

Now you can test LUSH products for yourself! Just enter some details and wait for the information to be processed. Then fill out the application form. Once you’re approved, you’ll be in line as a tester!

You’ll be sent a goody bag full of LUSH products

That means you can keep the products and just send LUSH your review.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to test free LUSH handmade cosmetics!


Take your nail game to a new level with So laque Ultra Shine from Bourjois!

This nail lacquer give you twice as much shine with its reflective resins and special compounds that will last   for at least 7 days.

The range of colors are pure color, smooth and shine with no need for added sparkles or shimmer.

Test and keep a bottle for yourself when you sign up with Toluna. Just register and pick your product for the chance to review it yourself. If selected, it will be sent to your door.

This offer ends May 1st so don’t wait! You could be one of 400 people selected to test this Bourjois Nail Lacquer.



Take care of your eyes!

Making sure you have proper nutrition for your eyes is really important. But when you already have difficulties with your eyes taking supplements is the extra boost.

That’s where MacuShield comes in. Their top 4 products are formulated to protect your eyes with healthy supplements. They hope to maintain your healthy eye sight and prevent damage from inner and outer issues.

Try it yourself for 6 days free! Simply fill out your information and get a sample pack shipped directly to you.

Don’t let your eye health go by the way side. take control with MacuShield


As your baby grows so do their appetites. Give them the best with this delicious milk drink for toddlers from Oli6.

Oli6 is a formula made from goat milk. The benefits of goat milk over cow milk are endless including protecting immune health and introducing health bacteria to the gut.  Goats milk also has naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and C, probiotics and other essential vitamins and minerals for growth and development.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can request 3 free sachets of Stage 3 formula from Oli6. This will give you the proper transition time to really determine if this product is right for your baby.

Try Oli6 toddler formula today!



How would you like to restore your skin to it’s youthful appearance? With Advanced Ceramide Capsules from Elizabeth Arden, you’ll be on your way!

This is a daily youth restoring serum. This new formula tones, firms and smooths skin to make it look years younger.

You could get a complimentary 7 day trial to try for yourself!

Just register your details to get your email invitation. Go to your nearest Elizabeth Arden counter and collect your 7 day supply of youth restoring serum. You’ll also get a free consultation with no obligation.

Get on your way to younger looking skin with Advanced Ceramide Capsules today!


Shaving can be a pain, literally. Using a cheap razor should not be a go to solution. Even if you’re really careful, you can often end up with big nicks and cuts that hurt and leave embarrassing marks and scars.

But with Gillette products that’s not something you have to worry about. Their razors are constructed to move with your shape, leaving you with silky smooth skin in no time.

If you’re a fan of Gillette, you know you sometimes have to pay more but that it’s worth it. But now, you might not have to!

You could get new Gillette products to test and keep for free!

Just answer some quick survey questions and fill in your details for entry.

Take your chance with Gillette today!


Smelling fresh is an essential part of most everyday interactions. That’s why there’s Narta Deo for Men.

This roll on liquid deodorant offers 48 hour protection against perspiration. Not only does it protect your skin with it’s paragon free, anti-irritant formula, but also your clothes from white flakes or yellow stains.

It keeps you feeling dry and fresh against all of the stress factors of life.

You could possibly have the opportunity to try it for free when you sign up with Toluna. Just select the Narta Men Deodorant before April 24th and it could been it’s way for you to test and keep.

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