Free games for fun and profit? You bet. Games can be absorbing and develop your reflexes, brain and skills.

There are thousands of free games available online.It comes down to what you want to play and how? Do you play on a phone, tablet, laptop.

Are you using a PC or Mac? Android or iOS? If you’re PC the choice is far broader. You might even be dabbling with VR.

Then there’s the genre and content. We can go through the alphabet; A is for action/adventure, B is for board, C equals card, D is driving, E is educational and so on.

The list is too large to get into individual games but here’s my selection for the best sites to download free games in Australia:



free pokies

Free Games is a fantastic resource. In fact you can nearly start and end your search here. It is an aggregator which means it is a directory of free games available on the Internet but also hundreds of free games websites who in turn offer hundreds of games themselves.

They play, review and rank all the free games listed here to help you find the free games you are looking for. Even better they ask to rate the quality of the link supplied which potentially saves you time.

The ratings systems can be a bit suspect though. Several sites which rated 10 out of 10 did so with just one vote while others with thousands more hits rated zero.

Not a problem really if the object is to find free games. Here’s a summary of what’s on offer: Free games sites: 72 Arcade games, 312 free game downloads, 267 multiplayer games, kids games, word games and more and more and more.

Just be aware these are links to sites set up elsewhere. Quality control and security may be an issue.



free games

free games

I like Download Free Games too. They add free games each day for PC, mobile, for a variety of categories. There is even where a separate section for Jewel Quest. Mac users even get the chance to play that one.

For those who don’t know Jewel Quest has shades of an action adventure movie series such as the Indiana Jones. There are versions dating back to 2004. Loyal followers are just that. They’re into their 14th year of an adventure.

I like Download Free Games also because they have a No Adware or Spyware guarantee and they assure you there’s no pirated games.

It’s a reminder that Free is often not free. Steer clear of sites that demand too many personal details and ask you to sign up.

I can’t leave with this all too brief free games section without mentioning two specialist free gaming areas online gambling and Virtual Reality.

Gambling we all know about. There’s plenty of free gambling games online, poker, roulette, 21 etc but they often come linked to real online gambling sites which ask for personal details including your credit card.

It’s not for me to lecture about the dangers of online gambling but just don’t forget in trying to win money you can also loose. In fact that’s what happens to the majority of gamblers, they loose. It has too otherwise why run a gambling website.

Also, just like computer games, gambling can be addictive. Make sure you get outside and smell the roses occasionally.

I’ve heard it said that humankind often adapts or experiments with new inventions sexually! The mind boggles, what would you do with a new type of bikelock? I really don’t want to know if you have an answer to that question.

With that in mind it was inevitable that the new sensoround medium of VR Inevitably these games are R rated, for adults only.

I’m not going to suggest links to that medium here but if that’s your area of interest look around.