Small is often beautiful and in the case of mp3 format music it has revolutionsied the way we listen to music. Small in this case means small file size so over the past few years we’ve been able to hear more music using a lot less hard drive space.

Remarkably we haven’t lost any sound quality. And hasn’t the evolution of good quality wireless speakers and headphones been fantastic?

An mp3 track will play just as easily on any Android, IOS, PC or Mac format device.

Anyway let’s cut to the chase here’s a few choice sites for downloading free mp3 music.

Free Music Downloads

Free Music Downloads is a popular and free mp3 search engine. Just type in your search query or YouTube Music Video URL, and, as soon as it finds matches to your search query – you will get a list of your results.

After signing in, you are able to download songs you like for free, share the songs with your friends in social media, and save to your cloud.

You can share music you like you can on Facebook , find more pleasant music from your friends’ sharing and communicate with your friends about songs which you are interested in.

The trade off is that you do have to sign on, I suppose it always is, you get great music in return for allowing them to track your listening habits.

They must have a pretty heavyweight algorithm at work as they are pleased to tell you,”We will know what you like according to you daily listening habits and give you appropriate recommendation.”

If you don’t mind that sort of tracking you’ll be fine. Personally I like to find things for myself.

You Tube


You Tube is better known for video but of course it’s a great resource for music of all kinds. Most of my gym music is stuff I listen from Youtube.

MP3 fans aren’t left out at all but you do need to be a little bit nerdy about it. You have to do your own converting.

In fact there are specific You Tube to MP3 converters out there to keep you happy. is an app that converts youtube vids to MP3. It’s easy to use and popular.

According to the website 74 million downloads so far! Enough said.



You have to acknowledge the heavyweights in a story like this. Amazon is a huge presence and they have a surprising number of free tracks by well know artists. It’s always best to know who you want to hear of course.

Amazon’s playlist can’t be beaten really. They say they have 50 million songs on their list. Here’s the greatest understatement of all time: that’s a lot.

They offer a thirty day free trial if you sign up to Amazon Music Unlimited but there’s also a selection and collection that is for free.


Google Play

Next is Google Play. If you persevere you will find they have a page of free tracks from up and coming artists.

Other sites which occasionally offer free music are Jamendo, Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard and

Happy listening.