Yes, you read correctly. We want to grow our team and are looking for you. If you love our website and want to become a part of it -- this is your chance!

We are looking for a writer on freelance basis. That means you can just sit at home or wherever you want, while you write. You don't even need to be located in Australia! You could be sitting on a beach in Thailand for all we care!

Your words will be published on this website, where thousands of Australians will read what you have to say. Feeling important yet? Then you're ready for this adventure!


Here are the facts:

  • you can write for as a freelancer
  • you are paid per article you write (we tell you the number of words per article)
  • we will give you briefings for topics to write about
  • it is completely up to you to create stunning texts about each topic
  • you must have good writing skills
  • you do not need any SEO or technical knowledge (but it is “nice to have”)
  • the initial job will last about two months
  • after two months there is an opportunity to continue our collaboration


If you feel like “I AM THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THAT” please send us a short application to [email protected] with the information below:

  • who are you?
  • why are you the best guy/gal for this job?
  • tell us a bit about your writing skills and experience
  • how many words or working hours could you provide per week?
  • When can you start?

Thank you very much for reading. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team soon ;)