So you’re up for a chat are you? Well what sort? The market is dominated by adult chat rooms where many people are looking for short and long term friends or partners, we can even use the word sex here.

But in the world of Adult chat rooms the word free is often used in the title but rarely seen after.


Oasis claims to be Australia’s Number 1 Free Dating Site, with 100% free to contact and chat with other members.  It has over 1.6 million members and is focused on the younger more ‘upwardly mobile’ set. Recommended for: 18 – 30 year olds

Oasis claims to be Australia’s number 1 free dating site. It free to contact and chat with other member. They are over 1.5 million Oasis members in Australia! The majority of whom are 18 to 30 years old with a good income.

I like the fact Oasis has a visible list of safe dating tips available on the site. They can be found next to the contact us down the bottom of the home page.

Worth a look when you are new to the game.

The world of chat rooms is actually much more varied than Adult dating services. Who would have thought an online chat room would be a good way to find people going to a gig (Nearify), fellow dog owners (Meet my dog) and of course to find out the best bars and restaurants in your area (Foursquare City Guide).



 Nearify is your guide to local culture. It helps you find things to do, suggests events for you to attend, in an area, city, or country you are traveling.

The website tells the more time you spend with Nearify, the more it understands your taste in events. For example: if you are inclined towards looking for indie music, it will understand you like that kind of music, and try to recommend similar shows. I personally don't know if I want an app being that switched on.

Especially when they claim 'you'll never feel lonely next time you are traveling to a new city or a country.' If life were only that easy.  Millions disagree with me though. It's well used app worldwide.


Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog is a location based app that helps you connect with other dog owners in your local area.

No doubt it’s fun for dogs and dog owners. Just watch out for that overzealous local who takes a dislike to you or your dog's behaviour. Oops sorry my paranoia has probably got the better of me. I suppose they are out there whether you have an app or not.


Foursquare City Guide

 Foursquare City Guide is an established international app that helps you connect with what’s going on in your local area. Again you can see where your neighbours are heading and what they are saying to each other.

It's a brilliant resource for finding out what's happening just down the street.

But a  word of warning should be given about chat rooms especially those where you are dealing with your local neighbourhood.

They’re great when they’re working but can be a problem if you fall out with someone or come across someone creepy. There’s an old saying,’you can’t choose your neighbours or your family.’ but I suppose that’s always been the case.