You probably have tons of pictures from the holidays that you'd love to gather together. Or maybe you've been wishing for years that you could sit down and create the perfect little baby book for your now teenager.

Who has time for that? If this describes you or sounds at least vaguely familiar, Chatbooks are for you.

This is the most simple way to put all your favorite memories into a tangible book. Chatbooks connects to your social media and pulls from your uploaded pictures to create a book without any extra effort on your part. When it's close to being filled, they give you the opportunity to review it and make any changes, or leave it exactly the way it is.

Chatbooks only cost $8! But if you decide to do an ongoing series of books that will be created automatically with your own pictures, you get the first one FREE! Just use the code CBLOVE when checking out.

Shipping is free on Chatbooks which is just one more reason to love this simplified service.