Most early 1980s computer games are affectionately remembered but hardly ever played. Tetris® is different. It too is remembered with affection but it continues to top charts as one of the world’s most popular games.

Created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, a product of Alexey’s computer programming experience and his love of puzzles, Tetris still appears on nearly every gaming platform available.

Why have people's love for Tetris never died down? Some believe it’s because the game embraces the universal desire to create order out of chaos.

Here’s a few suggestions to feed your addiction:

Classic Game



Classic Game is Tetris nirvana and you don’t even have to download anything.

There’s dozens of variations, all colourful, fun and easy (although easy is a relative term).

You’ll be playing within seconds.


Madilyn Bailey


This is cute and clever marketing. Madilyn Bailey is an American singer and songwriter. She has released various albums containing covers of songs and original material including a single called, you guessed it, "Tetris".

You can connect to a free Tetris games site via her page. In fact this page is the official destination for the free online single-player Tetris.

She’s no doubt a mad Tetris fan. Who knows what her high score could be?




TetrisFriends is the place to go if you’re an aficionado of the game.

The website's got it all to help you to become a pro. Besides the fact there are dozens of free online versions of Tetris, they will keep all levels of players, from beginning to advanced, happy.

There’s a tips section and a community you can access to discuss tactics and new games.

Have a look at their frequently asked questions section. There’s so much to browse through!

For starters, they have a list of definitions of those fundamental terms that make Tetris feel like it's its own language; mino, marix, hold queue, lock down, hard drop, tetris, t-spin, combo, lock out, tetrimino, soft drop, t-slot, etc.

The good thing is that there are diagrams to illustrate their definitions.

Ever found trouble understanding the Tetris scoring system? This website's got you covered.

The scoring system in Tetris rewards advanced moves—a double line clear is worth more than two single line clears, for example. Also, you’ll earn more points per move depending on your level.

To advance a level, you must clear five times the number of lines of your current level. For example, to advance past level one you must clear five lines, and to advance past level three you must clear 15 lines. However, certain moves are worth more than the raw number of lines they clear: A T-Spin Single, despite only clearing one line, will count toward level advancement as if you had cleared eight lines, for example.


Tetris Google Play and Mac Itunes


Of course if you want to take the short cut to finding a free version to play Tetris online, or one your phone or device, you can’t forget the big two: google play and mac iTunes.