My theory is that since prehistoric times individuals have felt the need to  to send a message to mark special occasions. Especially when they can’t attend .

These days we mark the event with an eCard. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Easter, a wedding, a birth or another event the digital revolution has really transformed the way we do cards.

You’ve got to wonder sometimes, who thinks some of this stuff up? Funny, sound effects, absurd action. That’s my dream job where the pressure is on to come up with a funny sound effect.

Jib Jab

Jib jab are the best of the ecards as far as I’m concerned. I came across them a few years ago when I saw my face and that of some friends on a cartoon character skidding across an animated dance floor. It was pretty cool animation and so clever done.

Having your own or your friend's face on the card personalises the message in ways you just can't beat.

JibJab call them "branded satires," but they have standard ecards and messages, to our kids and family brands, StoryBots and Hello Santa.

Free ecards

It really is innovative storytelling.

And I love Jib Jab's mission statement:

"It's too make millions of people happy."

Good on you Jib Jab.

You will love how many different cards you're able to find; this site has been around for a some time and offers a huge variety of free ecards from which to choose from, for any occasion an in any style you could possibly imagine.

Animation and lovely images are included here; anything from Fruits and Vegetables to Ancient Cities to Famous Quotes you can fine here. For sure anything to your liking.

free ecards

Most of the cards on the site are free; they also have announcement, friendship, holy communion, birthday, special occasion, holiday, love, and many more varieties of ecards.

If you'd like to become a member of 123cards, you gain easily access to a lot more fun tools and services, such as a reminders service, contacts, and calendar. All designed to make your life easier.

123cards is nicely organized into several main categories on the home page: announcements, birthdays, celebrations, holiday, love, seasons, and wishes. In the menu you will find as well a calendar of updated monthly holidays.

Click on any category that you're interested in, then find a card that catches your eye and off you go! Each and every card is clearly marked if it's free or not free (most are for free though). Once you've clicked on your freshly designed card, you can personalise it with your own message and send it via email.

Blue Mountain

free ecards
Blue Mountain have beautifully designed ecards for any occasion. This site offers a free no-obligation trial, and then you can choose to continue membership for a very low monthly fee if you wish to do so.. You can either send them by email or print them and send by post.

If you find yourself sending quite a few ecards and you're looking for a site that delivers high-quality artwork and messaging, this might be a great site for you for you.