Even if you’re not a believer in astrology most of us know what our Sun sign is. Are you a Pisces, Aries, Taurus or one of the other nine signs?

And it’s also surprising how many of those sceptics can’t resist a peek at their daily horoscope if they come across it. Most of us know what a rising sign is , or being born on a cusp means.

There are plenty of free daily astrology readings in the online world.

Astrologers you identify with are like finding a good doctor once you come one they are the one’s you tend to stick to.

Here’s a list of some free daily horoscopes.

Astro Center


Astro Center offers free horoscopes emailed to you daily. If you want to take your interest a bit deeper you can also have a free Astrological insight report sent to you for free.

The site has plenty of features. It offers daily, weekly, love, wellness, chinese horoscopes plus tarot readers, access to physics and draw up your love, career and wellness chart.



Astrology.com.au has a daily horoscope section you can access for free but little else on this packed, informative site is.

It’s use of video is far ahead of most other astrology website. Most of the videos are by star presenter Dadhichi Toth

Psychic Readings


Psychic Readings by genuine psychics is the headline. The site offer free daily and weekly horoscopes.

But like most others also offers additional services for a fee. Your Love horoscope and tarot readings.

One feature I didn’t see on other sites was the offer of writing up a Baby Horoscope to help parents make long terms plans.


Lifereader offers a free daily and daily general horoscope and if you want to take your interest in astrology to a deeper level there are quite a few professional astrologers you can consult, for a price.

Sydney Morning Herald (or your local newspaper)


For decades newspaper were the number one source for most things, news, sports but also astrology. Unlike the news and other sections of the paper access to the daily horoscope is often open and free. Our example is from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Absolute Soul Secrets


As the title suggests Absolute soul secrets are focused on your love chart.

They offer free daily horoscopes for all the star signs on their home page.

There’s plenty for free on this site. Detailed horoscopes and numerology predictions. They also offer access to psychics, for a fee.

The About Us section of the site tells us

“Absolute Soul Secrets was founded in 2000 by Rose Smith, after having a dream wherein Archangel Michael wrote the name on her forehead while she slept. Archangel Michael told her that it was her life purpose to help people, and to share guidance and spiritual awareness to as many people she could reach possible.”

Thank you Rose.