Picking up free Instagram followers? I wish! Few things in life are really free and that may be the case here.

It may really be a case of be careful of what you wish for as Instagram are well know for banning, blocking and shutting down accounts who transgress their rules about spam.

Also growing your Instagram account is a lucrative business, most business’s charge for the service, but many offer limited free trial periods.

Growing an audience eager to follow your every post is the same as growing a business in the physical world. Focus on getting the product right.

Having said that here’s a few suggestions:


Gold Nitro

Gold Nitro has a couple of features we like. The time saving likes and follows function is a big plus.

And we like the idea that you can start your thirty day free trial without providing your credit card .

There’s a Standard and a Pro version. We recommend you undertake a trial using the Pro version. It has all the features of the Standard version:

Automated likes, follows and unfollows,

Hashtag Targeting

Multiple Accounts

Avoid ghosts and bots (by interacting with real people)

Basic analytics

Log of Automated activity

But the Pro has a couple of important additions :

You can take target specific location and followers of other accounts.



Grow your instagram business with this French based company. You get a

five day free trial with your $40.00 a month account.

RocketSocial insist they will will grow your instagram account for 1 Month using engagement strategies to attract your competitor’s followers !


Hashtags Targeting.

– Competitors Targeting.

– 2x Faster.

– 1 month of Growth.

A dedicated Team targets your growth:

on Social Media, engagement is the key. So our work is all based on creating engagement. Engage again and again with Targeted followers, using the right Hashtags, here is the key !

RockSocial claim their customers have not only become influencers for top brands, increased their website traffic and brand exposure, but have also been able to see return of investment with their Instagram accounts.

RockSocial targets three different types of users.

The Social Media Influencer these are digital nomads, Bloggers and celebrities.

For Businesses on Instagram Ecommerce they are; restaurants, agency, retailers, stores, brands and fitness.

For Professionals on Instagram; fitness coach, artist, photographer, musicians and models.




Combin has a starter pack for a instagram account, 50 search results for posts and users and 250 daily action limits.

Combin believes that farming temporary likes and follow-backs is pointless, and leads to blocking your Instagram account. The most productive way to make new brands on the market successful is drawing attention of people purely interested in your product and build up engaging community. That’s why we’ve created a tool that helps you promote your Instagram not only wisely, but safely and for good.