Logos are important, they are often the first thing people associate with you and your business. They are the all important first impression.

That’s why having a range of free logo makers online are a terrific free resource. With most sites the logo  designsyou receive are based on elements you have fed them such as, name, tagline and type of business.

You’re then taken through a range of examples. In my case not all were great but many were close enough to shape my final choice. After visits to several of these free sites I narrowed my search down to a few good looking options.

Below is a short list of logo designers. Just be aware with most of these sites the design is free but not its use. You usually have to pay for a hi res download.


Many of us who work online are familiar with Wix because of their aggressive design your own website ad campaign.

To access the Wix free logo offer you’ll need to sign up if you haven’t done so already.

WIx then takes you by the hand and asks you basic questions, such as your (or your business) name, a tagline, and shows you a range of choices.

It’s all pretty quick and fully customisable. The results were impressive. I liked the options.

I was able to download a free sample but to access the full range of services (high res and multiple copies) they want you to sign up to a monthly subscription.


Similar to Wix you are given the option of designing your own free logo based on the elements such as name and tagline that you have given them.

You’re then given a range of samples to chose from. In fact there were more than a hundred!

So the design is free but not its use and they chuck in a free domain with the logo.


Ucraft is an online free tool which you can download. Your finished logo you can save in different formats (PNG and SVG). A review is appreciated in return.

Just sign up and start creating. A chat line supports you in case you run into any difficulties. Easy peasy!