Logos are often the first association people have with you and your business. Once seen there’s no taking them them back.

That’s why the range of free logo makers online are a terrific free resource to gain access to. Most of the design logos based on the elements you have fed them such as, name, tagline and type of business.

You’re then taken through a range of examples. Not all were great but many were close enough and after visits to several of these free sites I’d built up a range of good looking options.

Just be aware with most of these sites the design is free but not its use. You usually have to pay for a hi res download.


Ucraft is free and you can download your finished product in PNG or SVG formats. In return your’ asked to review them on Trustpilot

You can start creating from the homepage and, once you sign up, you can access their support line and have a two way chat about your design.

The difference to most of the other sites is that you are the designer from the ground up.

There’s a fourteen day free trial. Pretty cool.

Free Logo Maker

Tailor Brands


I like Tailor Brands. I was on my way to designing my personalized logo within seconds of visiting the home page. A couple of minutes later I was able to see a range of designs based on my specifications.

Even better I could tweak them to my satisfaction using their library of images and drawings.

But there’s no free trial period though. The subscriptions are low and reasonable though. 


LogoMakr doesn’t muck around you can start designing from the second the page opens.

free Logo maker

Unlike the other sites which chose for you LogoMakr puts you in the drivers seat. It’s you who selects the elements you want from their vast library of symbols and images. If you are daunted by the range you are shown there are video tutorials to help you make an informed decision about what looks best. They are a good idea but you have to be focused, they are a bit long.

LogoMakr is free but it costs to download a high resolution version of your logo.

All it asks is you give them credit if they are used on social media platforms.