Most of us who research, write and work online have needed access to PDF to DOC converters at different times.

This is a pretty handy tool. Quoting from source material such as books, newspapers, magazine, academic papers requires accuracy. Being able to copy, cut and paste has eliminated the need to transcribe.

A process which is not only tedious but also leaves you prone to making mistakes.

Then of course they are the graphic elements that PDF conversion gives you access to. Photographs and diagrams can be easily copied and pasted.

With most of these services there is nothing to download in fact it’s the opposite.

You upload you file to a site, where the conversion is completed and then you download.

The differences between Mac/PC aren’t really an issue when it comes to PDF conversion. PDFs are read by both operating systems and the majority of the services listed below ask you to convert directly on their homepage.

There are however PDf to Doc conversion programs offered in the Mac App and Google Play stores.

Here’s our short list of the best PDF to Doc conversion services.


If you want a no fuss, fast and free free online PDF to DOC converter you’ve found it.

I tried it and the conversion was instantaneous and the download just as fast.

No questions asked, nothing to sign up to. Great, thank you very much PDF2Doc


Small PDF

Again there’s nothing to download but the default conversion on the home page is word to pdf. You need to scroll down to bottom of the page and choose the conversion you want, in this case PDF to word.

It looks pretty popular. When I visited the page it had been used 135,364,863 times and the counter kept was ticking over with the speed of a Formula 1 car speedometer.

Just upload your file by clicking on the blue button or drag-and-drop your doc or docx file into the drop area. Then just wait until the conversion from word to PDF is complete and download the file.

Your word file is converted to look just the same as it does in your office software. Creating a PDF from Doc has never been so easy! For other file types our PDF Converter does the trick.

Smallpdf offers a pro subscription where you can download the Smallpdf Desktop which is really an Office suite of conversion tools.

By downloading you can of course work offline.

Free PDF Convert

Same again here, load your PDF into the ‘Select any File’ window on the Free PDF Convert homepage and viola, within seconds the task is completed and downloaded.

You can also convert to other formats, PDF to Excel, Powerpoint and others.

Free to Convert also offers a monthly subscription. Members get priority in queue and a range of other benefits.

PDF Online


PDF Online also offers conversion services on their homepage.

Have your PDF ready and load up, convert and download.

PDF Online also offer a downloadable conversion program for PC users.

One interesting product they offer is a PDF to Word SDK for Programmers. App makers can incorporate PDF to Word conversions with as little as three lines of code. Great if you are working in that area.