Don’t you love the way you can play just about anything as a ringtone these days? From dogs barking to your favourite ever music riff there’s just so many ways to be alerted to an incoming call, new text, email or message.

You can even set it as the alarm you wake up to or assign as a sound to a specific name of a friend.

But while there’s millions of free ringtones out there sorting your way through the app makers and the ‘give-us-your-credit-card-details-before-you-download’ sites can be time consuming.

Anyway here’s our guide to finding your way through the free ringtone maze.


Let’s start at the top and look at the Amazon store.

Immediately you’ll see at least at least a dozen free apps including New Ringtones Free Download.

Metfokus developed this app for android users. Simple, easy to use and fast.

It has mobile sounds that can be used as ringtones for cell phones, message tones and alarm sounds.




With 83m subscribers listening to their music mixes you would expect Spotify to be a home of free ring tones. And of course they are there are many specific ringtones.

Comedy Ringtone Factory have volumes of pretty rude and crude but funny stuff

However most music tracks on Spotify are copyright protected by DRM. There are many programs which make it possible convert Spotify music for ringtone use but no matter how emphatically people tell you it’s ok to use their software the reality is copyright is a complicated legal area.

At its most basic the copyright story is that the Apple’s and Amazon’s of this world often don't own 100% of the rights to the music or film they distribute. It is not completely there's even if they wanted to give them away, which of course they usually don't want to. They are a business and are not going to sell their distribution rights to you. That's why they paid for the distributorship in the first place.

The rights they give you are limited and detailed in that really long terms of service list that you have to click to accept. So while removing the DRM isn't necessarily unlawful, you probably agreed not to remove it.


If you’re feeling patriotic and want a ringtone that flies the Aussie flag try’s Australian section.

Many are a bit too Aussie of the Oi, Oi, Oi type for me but hey there’s lots of really funny ringtones that will get people turning their heads when they go off in your pocket.

You don’t get much more Aussie than:

Aussie convict

the Channel 9 cricket theme

The Boys light up

Footy themes

You have to sign up to gain access to your free downloads


Microsoft have a downloader for windows phone. It’s what I was talking about when I mentioned make your own.

There’s thousands of ringtones are available for free. It’s a three step process

1.Search more ringtones of the single by artist

2.Download free ringtones.

3.Listen to ringtones on-line.



RingtonesHub is a pretty simple site. In fact all you see is when visit the site is its names and the categories you can choose from. There’s hundreds, iphone 6 original, Bollywood, Jazz and blues, Titanic flute are a sample.

No strings attached, no request to sign up, in fact when you click to download there’s an offer for a free online audio and video converter. It might come in handy.