We know a bargain when we come across it on the internet so when it comes to free sample product we immediately go to where they are the most common, food, baby and cosmetic land.

It seems the producer of maternity, baby formula, nappies, cosmetics, food and of course, birthday products just can’t wait to share what they’ve brought (new) on the market.

They want you to try their stuff out and spread the word and are constantly looking for testers.

Just take care hat the offers are often for a limited time only, so check the dates and see if they’re still available. But don’t worry if they’ve run out they’ll  sure have soon another batch up for free!


Bounty Bags

Free Bounty Bag

Top of the free sample list is perhaps one of the most useful and important. These Bounty Bags given out free to expectant mothers and new mothers

The Bounty Mother-To-Be bag reaches women when they are 12-14 weeks pregnant and are looking for all sort of information for this new phase in their lives..

This early stage of pregnancy is a brand new life stage for mother to be, and often the start of a new purchasing cycle, making it the perfect time to get the products of the advertisers into yourhands.

The Mother-To-be bag is distributed through different channels, either by midwives and company representatives in hospitals nationally and is also available through some obstetrician, maternity and ultrasound clinics.

This highly credible distribution channels ensure that the information reaches the right women from and ensures absolutely no wastage for our advertisers. A win-win situation

All of the contents of the Mother To Be bag are approved by  Hospitals Manager and comply with the WHO code and SIDS guidelines.

The products are relevant and interesting to the mother ensuring that as a result of trial and education she is more likely to purchase. Campaigns can be broken down by state and metro areas to make it as targeted as possible.

With an increasing birth rate in Australia, Bounty recognises the importance of helpful, accurate literature.

It also strongly believes in assisting each young mum by providing useful samples which will provide a 'taste' of each product, hopefully creating a long lasting relationship between the mum and brand. Which is important for the advertiser.

Chemist Direct

Chemist Direct is at the moment Australia’s largest online discount pharmacy services.

They to support (young) families with loads of free samples and you don’t have to create an account until you ordered after checkout if you wish to do that.

Samples of a vast range of products are available. Products you always need, such as baby creams, bodylotions, soaps, products for your medicine emergency box etc.

Free Chemist Products

They are free but there is a small cost of delivery.

  • $8.95 for orders weighing less than 3 kg
  • $13.00 for orders weighing more than 3 kg

Delivery is FREE if your order is over $149 and weighing less than 3kg.

Kao Merries

free sample nappies

For a free sample range of the Merries nappies and nappies pants please use the link down below on the button.

The nappies are available for small, medium and large. Just fill out the short form on the home page and wait for the delivery. They too have some small delivery costs.