It’s in the interest of all traditional TV broadcasters for you to have easy access to their programs so free TV guides are all the rage across all platforms.

They are readily available from the Mac App Store and Google Play for both IOS and Android devices.

You can get access to both national program schedules or individual channels and even break it down state by state and region by region.

Catch up TV is all the rage now. The viewer is no longer slave to the scheduled viewing time. You can catch up and watch most programs you want to see at the time and on the platform you want to watch it on.

It’s a far cry from the old days when you had to wait for the weekly magazine or newspaper supplement to find out what was coming up.

Here’s a guide to the best.

Freeview tv

Freeview TV is the free to air stations response to the competition of the internet and Pay TV. Their TV guide is accessible whenever you are online on whatever platform.

The on screen TV guides tells what is on now and what you can see for the next week (Thursday to Thursday).

There’s also a Catch Up section to see programs you may not have been able to catch at the time of broadcast.

And there are links to the 27 individual channels that are part of Freeview.

It’s pretty cool and easy to use. You can download the app at the Mac App Store or Google Play

With the apps you can live stream for 19 free to air channels and you that program catchup up function.



Ebroadcast has a daily TV listings guide with tabs that allow to narrow down your search Movie, sport, comedy, drama and soap.

There’s separate tabs for a movie and tv guide. It’s pretty simple and effective. A good time saver.

Ebroadcast love their movie and tv celebrities too. There’s hundreds of celebrity profiles to be found under the celebrities tab.

If you’re curious you can also see what’s big in other countries at the same time. There’s tabs for the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

And yes you can download the ebroadcast app at the Mac App Store or Google Play


Ourguide has a no frills approach. On the homepage there’s a map of Australia and a state by state TV guide, Just click the link relevant to you on the map and you’re taken there.

The guide can be viewed horizontally or vertically.

And there are tabs for Catch Up TV and a TV search for specific programs.