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Teaching your little one to swim can be so much fun! But when they haven’t quite mastered the art of potty training it could also be a hassle.

Regular diapers quickly get weighed down and explode with saturation. They are heavy and don’t add much to the swimming experience.

Little Swimmers from Huggies are perfect because they prevent those embarrassing accidents without the bulk of a diaper. Just slip them on and off like underwear.

Try a sample for free from Huggies today! Just sign up with your Huggies Club account and indicate that you want to try the Little Swimmers.

Stay tuned for other great deals and offers with your account!


You have a new baby on the way and want the ultimate best for them in every way possible. That includes what nappys they are going to wear.

It seems like something so small, but the right nappy can make all the difference. Do you really need to do extra laundry in the first days because of leakage? Do you really need to worry about diaper rash from cheap material diapers?

No, and that’s why Huggies is giving you the opportunity to sample their products before committing and spending a bundle on nappies. They are so sure they can prove themselves, they are giving you the chance to try before buying.

Just select from Newborn Nappies, Ultimate Nappies and Nappy-pants.

Huggies is suited for every type of baby.


Nappies are expensive, so why buy them if you don’t have to? Pampers is one of the best, most trusted and most reliable brand of nappies on the market so if you had the chance to get them for free, wouldn’t you take it?

Just answer a few simple quiz questions and you’ll be on your way to winning the opportunity to test Pampers products. You will receive Pampers Active fit nappies and wipes with free delivery and can keep all the products upon testing.

The competition closes December 15, 2017. Sign up with your details today to keep from missing out.


Diapering a new baby can cost a pretty penny. So you want to make sure you are buying the right brand and not one that will give your baby a rash or leak all over their freshly washed sheets.

BabyLove is giving you the chance to try before you buy with a free nappy sample.

Just pick between Cosifit Nappies, SleepyNights Pants, or Wriggler Nappy Pants and choose a size.

Fill in your address, answer a few simple questions and your free sample should be in the mail on its way to you!

Make sure your little one is comfortable and dry with BabyLove!


If you are looking for the best start for your baby, consider Naty Eco Nappies.

Naty is a environmentally friendly company based in Sweden that looks to provide the best nappies for your baby as well as for the world around us. That means their diapers are compostable and won’t leave a lasting and hurtful impact on the environment. They are guilt free!

To top it off, you can become a Naty Ambassador and get a free sample bag of Naty Nappies for you and three of your friends!

Join for free and you’ll get access to exclusive offers and trials on other new products.


Are you thinking about potty training your toddler but feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect? Never fear! Huggies is here!

Huggies School of Toilet Training answers all the questions you might have about potty training. They give you a free sample of Pull-Ups Nappies that are specifically designed to help you and your child learn the art of toilet training.

Along with your sample you will get a downloadable guide, 6 weeks of email encouragement and access to forums where you can be in touch with other moms.

Get this support for free when you sign up as a Huggies Club member.


As anyone with a baby knows, diapering your little one can become very expensive. And quality matters. The whole point of diapers is that they work while keeping you baby comfortable. And no one wants to spend a bunch of money on a whole pack of diapers that don’t work.

Now Snugglers Nappies are giving you the change to try before you buy. Fill out your details in a quick form and choose the size you want.

Snugglers are very absorbent and offer double protection to keep your baby dry and leak free. They are made for a snug yet breathable fit. The many fun designs are great for boys and girls.  Sizes come in Small, Crawler, Toddler, Walker and Junior to accomodate your babies changing needs.

Get your free sample today!



When it comes to nappies, you want to make sure they live up to their purpose: keeping your child dry. Through the years Huggies has become a tested and proven brand that parents have come to rely on for their quality. Comfortable, leak free protection for every occasion.

Whether your child is in the early nappy years or transitioning to full on potty use, Huggies has what you need. But don’t just believe what you hear. Try it out before making the investment. Huggies is now offering you the chance to sample their product before buying. Choose between Nappy-Pants, Little Swimmers, Pullups or DryNites and let your little one put Huggies to the test! Just fill in your information to have a free sample sent to you.

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