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Makeup is expensive and if can be frustrating when you don’t know if the product your buying is worth the money. Now, there is a solution!

Test a Bourjois Khol and Contour Eye Pencil for free from Toluna!

Register to become one of 400 people selected to try before you buy. That means you’ll receive this eye pencil in the mail, try it out, write your opinion and keep it!  You have until March 6, 2017 to submit your application.

Give yourself a fresh look with big and beautiful eyes!

Sorry, this offer is expired

With the Smokey trio eye shadow from Bourjois, you will look stunning!

Bourjois makes the smokey eye easy to do with this three in one packaging. Now, you don’t have to guess about which shades fit together best or how to apply them. And now, you can try it all for free!

To get your free eyeshadow palette, sign up via the link below to Toluna’s survey company. The fastest way to register is with your facebook profile.

After registration, you’ll be directed to a page where you can request your free Bourjois eyeshadow.

If you are chosen, you will receive an eyeshadow palette which you can try for free. A week later, you will receive an invitation to participate in a short survey about the product. That’s how Bourjois will know if their products appeal to the general population. Remember to give constructive feedback, which must obviously be positive or negative, as long as it is fair. This way, you’re guaranteed to be invited to test products in the future.

You can register until February 6, 2017 to receive one of 400 free eye shadow pallets, so be quick!


For the first time ever, L’Oreal is offering you an eye shadow that lasts for 24 hours! Wear it throughout your day, evening and into the next day without worrying about faded color.

This break through formula is a powder/cream combination the goes on easily and stay on.

If you’ve been looking for a shadow that really enhances your eyes, this L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow is for you! It is also waterproof and won’t get clumped in your eye creases.

If you’d like to try this velvety eye shadow for yourself, sign up with Toluna. You could be one of 400 people selected to test and keep this product.

This offer expired November 14th, so sign in soon!


Are you one who spends time every day trying to get the perfect look? If so, Gemey Mascara Volume Express might be the right product for you!

Gemey is a French line from Maybelline, and is guaranteed to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. This formula adds volume for a more intense and profound impact.

And why pay for it when you could get it for free? Toluna is giving out 100 mascaras and one of them could be yours!

First log into Toluna, which is a completely free website for your chance to be selected.

This offer is available until October 31, so apply to test it now!



If you’re looking for a mascara that doesn’t flake off, is waterproof, and doesn’t smear while still giving you fuller, longer lashes, look no further.

Maybelline is well known for their quality cosmetics. They were the founders of modern day eye makeup over a hundred years ago and their products have stood the test of time. If anyone knows lashes, it’s Maybelline.

Now you can try out Maybelline Mascara for yourself without having to pay store prices. Just sign up with Toluna and you could be one of 720 people selected to try, review and keep Maybelline Mascara for FREE.

This offer is only available until September 12th so don’t miss out!


Are you looking for a way to make your eyes really stand out? Whether you want dramatic or just naturally looking long lashes, Milashes has your solution.

Milashes has an array of artificial eyelashes to suit whatever your need in size, length and color.

If you’ve never tried flash lashes and want to see what it’s all about or if you are looking to try something different, now is your opportunity. Milashes is giving away two free samples of artificial lashes to everyone that asks!

Just fill in your details on their webpage to request a sample.

Try it out today!


These days toxins are everywhere, even in the makeup we put on our skin. Long term build up can be unhealthy. But there is a solution!

Nivea’s Pure and Natural line of cosmetics is giving you an alternative with a formula free of preservatives, talc and fragrance. Their line of eye shadow is created with 95% naturally derived ingredients including Buddleia extract for sensitive skin.

It protects against UV rays, adds moisture while still giving you the lasting color you want.

Try it for free when you sign up at Toluna. Be one of 100 people selected to test and keep Nivea’s Pure and Natural Eye Shadow.


The Drama Gel Liner is the most intense eyeliner that lasts for up to 24 hours.

You can create a professional look in no time with a swipe of this eyeliner.

This unique eyeliner is a gel-based formula with 10% more color intensity to accentuate the eyes.

Because the formulas does not contain oil or water, it goes on smoother and stays on longer.

With some luck you could get this Maybelline Drama Gel Liner completely free! Just register yourself at the Toluna link below before June 20, and be one of 285 selected to test this product.

Do you ever wish for more dramatic eyes? Something that draws the attention?

L’Oreal Mascara Miss Manga Punky can change your whole look by giving you longer, fuller lashes. This volumizing formula and rich color combined with the cone shaped wand allows you to get the look you want with just one stroke.

If you’d like to try it for yourself for free, give your details at Toluna. This offer ends on April 28th, so sign up quick to be one of 280 people selected to test L’Oreal’s Miss Manga Punky mascara.

Free Bourjois Eyeliner!

Offer Expired 15/02/2016 Free Products
bourjois eyeliner

Makeup can be expensive! And sometimes you don’t know if the product is worth the money you’re spending.

Do you ever have the problem where you want to try a new product but don’t want to pay the price before you know that it works? Here is your solution!

Toluna is giving you the chance to try out Bourjois Eyeliner for free! You only need to register and you can be one of 350 people selected to test this eyeliner. You have until February 22, 2016 to submit your application. Give yourself a fresh look today and make your eyes big and beautiful!

Sorry, this offer is expired

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