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hungry jacks

You want some fries with that burger? The next time you go to grab a quick bite to eat at Hungry Jack’s make sure you have the Hungry Jack’s Shake & Win App installed to cash in on free food. Just check in, shake your phone and you are sure to win! This app offers you free food and drinks along with discounts and buy one get one deals.

All you need is a Facebook account to check-in and the app on your device. Download today and get started winning and eating!


Who’s hungry for the Outback? Outback Jack’s that is.

Now you can get three free meals valued at $35 each in a year when you sign up for the birthday club.

Available at any of the Outback Jacks locations, the first meal voucher is yours when you sign up. The second meal is free for your half birthday and the third on your actual birthday.

Sign up with your name, date of birth, contact information, address and restaurant location and get your first voucher for a free $35 meal today!

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