Free Heart of Vegas coins? You bet.

Where? Dozens of places. Here's a few of the best:


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Ok negotiating the genuine offers from the false can take as much time as playing but promises that it is an ethical one stop shop for collecting all those daily bonuses.

They offer around a million free coins a day.

The offers originate from the Heart of Vegas REAL Casino Slots Official Fan Page, Notifications, Emails & other official social media channels. The advantage is it relies on members sharing and posting those active free coin links onto the one page. You collect all 20 to 30 offers from the same page.

GameHunters also promises it is diligent about deleting links that have expired. They admit it's not a perfect set up but it is still a great time saver.

There's also member forums where you can pick up a truckload of tips and useful information.

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free games is a basic website which, if you sign in from their site enables you to collect more than 45,000 plus free coins.

The pain seems to be that you pick them up 5,000 at a time.




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Passworldless offers a sizeable number of Heart of Vegas free coins each day.

"The page our group release at this time will give you a large number of Free Coins for Heart of Vegas! Once more time, we are both giving you the possibility to take up free of charge games on Heart of Vegas with no first deposit wanted."

In exchange you're required to exchange your email address and other information. If you're happy to do that so on and you're away.

Heart of Vegas was launched in June 2103 and became an instant smash hit with players around the world. It was boosted six months later when it was named as one of Facebook’s ‘Top 10 New Games’ soon after launch.

There's over two million facebook followers. No wonder it works on any platform and app it's slot paradise.

The secret of its success may be the fact that Heart of Vegas features REAL Vegas slot machines just like the games played in Las Vegas and huge casinos around the world.

However the game may be a victim of it's own success. A stroll through various member forum pages reveals hacks are taking their toll. There's dozens of complaints from innocent bystanders having their account's closed because, unknown to them, greedy hackers are part of their group.

It's always good to look over member forum or do a quick search before hitting that return button. If there's been problems chances are they've happened to others before you.