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Play Solitaire For Free? That’s easy in Australia. A single Google search will bring up dozens of options. For most people the only patience you’ll need is choosing which site or version.

As usual there are more PC/Android free games than Mac/IOS but there’s plenty to go around.

Solitaire, also known as Patience, is one of the world’s best known and most loved games. Gameworld claims there are over 100 million Solitaire players on Android alone. It’s been building it’s popularity since the early 80s when it was one of the earliest and most popular computer games.

Anyway if you do your own search for free Solitaire games just beware of those sites where the price tag is buried in the detail far down the page. I came across quite a few.

Here’s some suggestions:


free solitaire

free solitaire


The solitairnetwork is a good one if you just want to play and not download. They promise,”the best solitaire games online! No gimmicks.” One click and you are in. A game is dealt and the clock starts ticking.

I of course started with Australian Patience, our own distinctive brand which builds Foundations from the Ace up to the King. The Columns descend from the Kings down.

But I could just as easily have played Yukon, Scorpion or Spider versions. Each have their own subtle variations.


MICROSOFTfree solitaire


free solitaire

Microsoft offer a free version of Classic Solitaire to download at this address and quite a lot more at the Google Play store.

Not surprisingly these are for use with Windows and android devices.



free solitaire

free solitaire

The opposite is true at Mac Itunes of course. It’s Mac and IOS all the way. All roads lead to the App Store.

If you actually get to log in there’s quite a few free Solitaire downloads. Let your fingers do the walking and take your pick: classic Solitaire, Spider, Klondike, Yukon and more.



free solitaire

free solitaire


You can play an online hand of Australian patience here. Good for a quick fix but I found the soundtrack annoying. No problem once I turned it off of course.



free solitaire

free solitaire

Uptrivial offer this free Android game through the google play store.


free solitaire

free solitaire

Download a free version of Classic Solitaire here. The game is ad-supported so there is no hidden costs or credit card details to be offered.

The site offers a variety of Solitaire versions: Klondike, Spider Solitaire or Tripeaks Solitaire.

There’s also the chance to earn trophies each month by solving the Daily Challenge to receive a crown for that day. Earn winning more crowns!



free solitaire

free solitaire

I don’t usually include paid for services but goodsol offers an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. A month for free if you remember to cancel before the due date (make sure you read the fine print as to when to cancel).

Goodsol promises 1000 different versions of the game to download. 1000 of them on PC and another 720 for Mac.

The layouts are attractive and you can customise them to your taste.

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