Banks are not known for giving away money for free so when you see an offer for an interest free credit card it's because the bank knows they will finish ahead on the deal.

The truth of this can be seen in the fact that while interest rates are at historic lows, credit card rates have been rising sharply.

That said the banking sector is a competitive market place and you can cut your costs.

Your best way of getting something back is to do a credit card balance transfer. The offers listed are not for existing cards they are for new cards.

Don’t forget the offers listed below are offered only for certain period of time. Therefore please check the expiry dates.

If you’re one of the people to have the discipline and means to be able to clear their credit card before the 55 day interest free period (or shorter or longer) expires,  you’re a winner.

Vertigo Platinum St George

Let’s cut to the chance here. This is what you need to know:

0% p.a. for 25 months on balance transfers, reverts to cash advance rate after that period.

free credit card

free credit card

no balance transfer fee,

There’s a few added extras to sweeten the deal.

If you qualify, you are offered 6 months complimentary travel cover for yourself, spouse and children.

Up to four months complimentary cover against theft, loss or accidental damage on selected personal goods purchased using the card.

Complimentary extended warranty insurance on purchases for up to 12 months on the manufacturer's expressed Australian warranty.


Westpac offers two years at 0% p.a. on balance transfers but it costs a 1% balance transfer fee. After the 24 months the card reverts to cash advance rate plus a low annual fee of $59 from the second year makes this a nice offer!

The other important numbers are:

Get a low variable rate of 13.49% p.a. on purchases.

Withdraw cash at a variable rate of 19.49% p.a.

Pay no annual card fee for the first year, saving $59 +

Pay no interest on purchases for up to 55 days when you pay off your balance in full each month.

BankSA Vertigo Platinum

This credit card offers 0% p.a. for 2 years on balance transfers. Only a 1% balance transfer fee applies.

Free Credit Card

After 2 years it reverts to variable cash advance rate. Add to this the lowest purchase rate of any BankSA card at 12.74% p.a. and you have a great deal. Using this card you can also benefit from up to 55 days interest free on purchases, the convenience of quick payments with Visa Paywave. You may also apply for 3 additional cardholders at no extra charge.

ANZ Low Rate Credit Card 

Choosing the ANZ Low Rate Card will not just get you a credit card with low interest rate, for a limited time, you get 0% p.a. for the first 15 months on balance transfers. No Balance Transfer Fee and the rate reverts to standard balance transfer rate, currently 21.74% p.a. The card comes with a low purchase rate of 12.49% p.a. and a low annual fee of $58.

free credit card

Cardholders can also enjoy worldwide emergency card replacement, up to 55 days interest free on purchases, 24/7 Falcon fraud monitoring and up to 3 free additional cardholders.