If you've been searching for the perfect lip gloss, look no further!

Bourjois Lip Gloss has a unique formula that is enriched with pH reactive pigments to self-adjust to suit your skin tone. What you see is a clear gloss until it is applied to your lips. And then voila!

This gloss give you shine and adds a volume to your lips without being sticky. Bourjois keeps your lips hydrated for 8 hours!

On top of all that, it also has antioxidants to keep your lips healthy, protected and moisturized.

This new take on a go to product now has 15 shaded to choose from to tone down or pump up your look.

Sign up with Toluna today and select the Bourjois Gloss to test and keep for yourself. This product is available to 40 people and the offer expires November 7th, so hurry!