A generation ago few of us predicted that downloading free fonts would be not only possible but so incredibly popular. I've had full blown conversations with designers about the beauty of serif vs sans serif fonts.

It's a mark of being hip and cool to be able to identify the look and style of text in Ads, posters, and movies.

I suppose we have the late Steve Jobs, to thank for that.. The founder of Apple Mac, genius, inventor and from some reports a little bit of a psycho was a visionary.

It was Jobs who insisted from the beginning that fonts be included as part of the basic menu of all future Mac machines. By doing so he ensured that a form of visual language previously confined to DaDa and Concrete Poets could become mainstream.

Anyway history lesson over back to the task at hand. Where to find and download free fonts.

Well it turns out that the free font community, graphic designers and the like are anarchic artists at heart and want their fonts to get out there and multiply. The quality is remarkable.

Of course, as always, if you want something unique or special for your well funded project you have to pay for a specialised font. But usually it's not that much.


creative bloq free fonts

free fonts creative bloq

Speaking of serif and sans serif CreativeBloq art and designers have done a great job.

They say;

"We've filtered out the jewels from the thousands of less perfectly designed free fonts available online. This list represents the very best free fonts we've found, split into eight categories."

And I believe them.

free fonts gilbert

Besides the trad serifs there's some fantastic grafitti and unusual fonts including one called Gilbert, named after Gil Baker, creator of the iconic rainbow flag. Baker died in 2017 this free font is part of the commemoration of his work. His friends are giving it away for free.



free fonts 1001 fonts

free fonts creative bloq

1001 Freefonts is what it says it is. The home of free fonts and again they're great. Be aware though that though most of the fonts displayed as free they are for personal use only.

If you have commercial ambitions you'll have to pay. Look closely in the top right hand corner of each font box to see if they are free. There's great themes beside the serif's there's also script, decorative, and vintage themed fonts.

I liked the section for poster fonts. Some of the stuff is over the top. Again check whether the font you like is free for commercial use if that's your intention.



free fonts squirrel

free fonts squirrel

Fontsquirrel. I like the name and what they have to offer. They say they've done the hard work for you by finding freeware that is licensed for commercial work too. By the looks of things they've done a lot of work on our behalf.

There's so many OTF and TTF fonts. Thanks guys. They deserve our support.

I'll wrap this one up with another of my favourite anecdotes about the late Steve Jobs. Apparently his passion for fonts was given a big kick along when he crashed a Japanese calligraphy class/course at the University he'd just dropped out of.

The Dean must've been a cool guy (probably recognised Jobs' special talent) as he allowed Steve to continue to hang around and attend classes he wasn't enrolled in. From little things big things grow.