Last time we did a story like this on free samples Australia we focused on women’s maternity products. This time we’re giving the guys a bit of a go.

Well we at know a bargain when we spot it so when it comes to free samples we immediately go to where they are the most common, baby land and cosmetic land.

It seems the makers of maternity, baby formula, nappies, cosmetics, food and of course, birthday products just can’t wait to share what they’ve made.

Most of the offers are only for a limited time so check if they’re still available. But don’t worry they’ll be sure to have another offer soon up again.

Where to find Free Samples in Australia

This site is called Free Samples Australia. The beauty and healthcare freebies range from medications to make-up and from perfume to moisturisers. There are renowned brands such as L’Oréal, Andrélon and Hugo Boss.

free samples australia

The site is a great source of free stuff, competitions, great deals and coupons. The only drawback is that it takes some time to deliver your free sample. They have no stock or inventory and therefore no control over sending of the free product.

Instead of offering the samples in supermarkets or stores on Saturday morning, companies now offers the free samples on line. The customer can therefore chose where his or her interest is. More targeted marketing I would say and you don't have to get out of the house anymore!

Free Sample Giveaway dedicates is time to help people in Australia to save money on their shopping, make some money on the site and get free samples.

Their mission at FreeSampleGiveaway is according to them: We’ll help you find opportunities to save money all over the internet! Our dedicated team of savings hunters work around the clock to help you save money.”

This is an extremely popular site, 0ver 1 million Australian’s have now claimed over 4,500,000 discounts, exclusive offers, deals, coupons, competitions, free samples, paid surveys and even parttime and fulltime jobs!

Lot’s of cool free stuff there. I was impressed when I see Adidas runners being offered for free!! Unbelievable, check it out yourself!

Bounty Bags

Back to free mother’s samples now. Perhaps one of the most useful and important are Bounty Bags given out free to both mothers to be and new mothers.

Mother To Be Bag

The Bounty Mother To Be bag reaches women in Australia when they are between 12-14 weeks pregnant and in need of  information. This early stage of pregnancy is a brand new life stage for women, and often the start of gathering information and starts a new purchasing cycle. This makes it the perfect time to get your products free into their hands. Producers are looking for you!

The Mother-To-be bag is distributed by midwives and Bounty representatives in hospitals in Australis and they are also available through some obstetrician and maternity clinics. These distribution channels ensure that the information reaches women from a trusted source and ensures absolutely the right targeting for our advertisers.

Free Bounty Bag


Chemist Direct

Chemist Direct is one of the largest online discount pharmacy services in Australia. They  support young mothers and women with dozens of free samples and you don’t even have to create an account until you ordered after checkout. Its all pretty straightforward.

Hand washing product, baby eczema creams, different moisturising lotions, paw paw, band aids and many more free samples.

Free Chemist Products

They are all free but there is a small cost of delivery with your order:

$8.95 for orders weighing less than 3kg

$13.00 for orders weighing more than 3kg

Delivery is alwasy free if your order is over $149 and weighing less than 3kg.

Kao Merries

free sample nappies

For a sample range of Merries nappies and nappies pants use the link we’ve provided.

The nappies are available for medium and large sizes. Just fill out the form on the home page and wait for delivery.